Snap launches integrations, partnership with third-party apps, including Venmo

Snap Inc. has announced new Snap Kit capabilities and partnerships. One example: App Stories, which allow community members to create and share stories across third-party apps, including payment apps such as Venmo.

Additionally, Snap said Venmo will soon be integrating Bitmojii into its payments app, which allows customers to “say it with Bitmoji” in payment notes accompanying transfers to others.

In another example, GoFundMe will use Creative Kit to record Snaps, or photos, to help them promote causes and send those requests to friends on the social media site.

Creative Kit allows developers to create custom stickers, filters, links and other items that users of their apps can share directly into the Snap Camera.

Snap said it also plans to launch the Snap Audience Network, which will allow third-party developers the chance to monetize their apps.

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