Medifinance Partners With The Money Cloud To Help Medical Professionals Discover The Best Deals On Overseas Money Transfers

London, May 15th

Medifinance, the Intelligent Financial Lender for Healthcare Professionals, and The Money Cloud, an award-winning provider of international money transfer price comparison, are delighted to have agreed a partnership to supply medical professionals with a real-time, sophisticated and reliable overseas money transfer solution. Read more

Banking On The Future Of Fintech? The Money Cloud Joins Panel Discussion At Treasury Leaders’ Summit

Are rumours of the death of the banking industry being greatly exaggerated? Is the fintech industry ready to consign the infrastructure and techniques of traditional banking services to history? Or could there be a “third way”, where banks and fintech work together to usher in a new age of value exchange.

One where disruptive tech ensures the banking industry as we know it survives, but having, somewhat noisily, undergone a tech revolution?

This was a question put to the audience at a panel discussion last week at the Treasury Leaders’ Summit in Canary Wharf, which I took part in on behalf of The Money Cloud, and as a future technologist and fintech “expert”. Read more

Virtual Bank Services & Digital Dashboard Assistants Will Be The Fintech Trend To Watch Going Into 2018

Despite the looming threat of Brexit, 2017 has been another tremendous year for fintech in the UK. Since it began, more than £1 billion of investment has poured into the country, and most notably, into London – more than double the amount compared to the same period last year.

It should not surprise anybody; fintech is, often quite literally, a big deal over here – the hottest ticket in town. In fact, there are only 3 cities in the world –  San Francisco, Beijing, and New York, who are attracting more VC fintech investment currently than London, which is ahead of the likes of Mumbai, a city increasingly pushing the cashless agenda, and Singapore, one of Asia’s most exciting fintech hubs.

What areas are VCs, angel investors, and even the big banks themselves, investing into?

Read more

Alpine Independents Latest Firm to Partner With The Money Cloud By Hosting Unique Money Transfer Comparison Widget!

The Money Cloud are pleased to announce their latest partner who will carry their unique, ground breaking overseas money transfer comparison tool Alpine Independents.

Alpine Independents is a one-stop-shop online ski portal that curates the best independent ski chalet and ski holiday operators into one site – saving you time and energy.

The company, founded by successful entrepreneurs and ski-fanatics John McFetridge and Finlay Kerr, evolved from an earlier business the two founded, the Winter Adventure Company, that organised ski-breaks for the more discerning, independent traveller. Read more

The Money Cloud Awarded Best International Money Transfer Comparison Platform 2017 by Wealth & Finance Magazine

London, August 22nd

The Money Cloud, the disruptive fintech search, compare and discover platform for anybody looking to find the best deals and brokers when sending money overseas, has been awarded Best International Money Transfer Comparison Platform 2017 by Wealth & Finance Magazine as part of the Magazine’s Fintech Awards. Read more

The Money Cloud To Provide FX Comparison To 140 Countries Worldwide In Partnership With Mobile & Cross Border Payments Firm First Global Data

press release first published May 9th 2017.

The Money Cloud, a trusted leading provider of overseas money transfer comparison services founded by Emmanuel Addy and Huw Jenkins in 2014, announce today that they have agreed to partner with First Global Data Corp. (FGD) to provide their FX comparison engine and overseas money purchasing services to FDG’s Global Wallets across 140 countries around the world. Read more

The Money Cloud Joins The French Chamber of Great Britain – A Good Time To Reflect On How Far We & The Industry Have Come

We’re delighted to have become members of the French Chamber of Great Britain. As a fintech startup that specialises in providing the best overseas money transfer price comparison, we look forward to exploring synergies with businesses in both Britain and France, building long lasting relationships, and taking advantage of the excellent events and resources on offer. 

We cater for all types of money transfer, but what may be of particular interest to our fellow members of the French Chamber of Great Britain is our ability to offer best in class money transfer solutions to businesses and high net worth clients looking to make international transfers of a significant size. Read more

The Money Cloud Partners With City Forex To Provide The Ultimate Hassle Free Travel Money Ordering Service

The Money Cloud, the original and best overseas money transfer comparison site founded by industry pioneers Emmanuel Addy and Huw Jenkins, today announces an exclusive partnership with City Forex to help travellers order their travel money online, and have it delivered direct to their office or home. Read more