Sending money overseas ought to be a straightforward operation, particularly within a modern, tech-savvy society, but from time to time, things can go wrong. Luckily, The Money Cloud is here to help you learn what courses of action to take in the event of a mishap.Read More →

From overseas weddings, to purchasing property abroad, to sending money to contacts or family members living in a different country, international money transfer is a reality that most of us will face at some point in our lives, and for many of us, it’s a regular occurrence. So it’s aRead More →

Only the United States ($56.3 billion), Saudi Arabia ($36.9bn) and Russia ($32.6bn) sends more money abroad than Dubai’s total of $19 billion, according to the World Bank, so it is no surprise that money transfer firms are scrambling to grab a slice of the action there. MoneyCorp have stolen aRead More →

This content is brought to you by The Money Cloud – comparing the best rates for sending money overseas offered by hand-picked, regulated brokers and money transfer agencies The Deputy Governor of The National Bank of Pakistan, Jamil Ahmed has pleaded with banks to reduce charges related to remittance payments and overseasRead More →

India is the world’s largest receiver of remittance inflows; some $62.7 billion was sent in 2016-17 – more than the total Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the country. Now, thanks to a partnership between mobile payments provider TerraPay and private sector lender Yes Bank, India’s diaspora will be able toRead More →

It seems we may well be heading towards a world where, when sending money internationally, the only thing we need to concern ourselves with is the exchange rate – because transaction fees are rapidly being consigned to history. Starting from today, Circle, a money transfer service and app that allowsRead More →