The FCA plans to take action against firms offering misleading exchange rates to potential customers, such as offering the “interbank” rate, only to switch to an alternative, less competitive rate once the customer is at a more advanced stage of the transaction. Besides the offering of “unachievable” exchange rates, theRead More →

The world’s best footballers tend to earn jaw dropping sums of money, and their tax affairs tend to be complex, to say the least. In the past couple of years, in Spain, several, including Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who play for Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively and together shareRead More →

The technology industry is sometimes guilty of over-hyping its influence over the world, and over-exaggerating the usefulness of its products. Is a restaurant food ordering app really so very different from a takeaway menu leaflet? Was a taxi-cab rank genuinely the inconvenience that it is made out to be today?Read More →

It’s coming home. England’s nerve-shredding victory over Colombia last night was watched by an incredible 23m of the population, and whilst many may have been hiding behind the sofa as the goals, fouls, and penalties flew in, a nation is celebrating, and contemplating an unprecedented run all the way toRead More →

Amidst all the recent discussion and hand-wringing around the new GDPR regulations, it’s easy to forget that it was only in January this year that the updated Payment Services Directives, a set of EC-wide regulations designed to make it easier, faster and less expensive to for customers to pay forRead More →

I recently returned from an event of bucket-list ticking importance in my life. It may have “only” been Thursday Free Practice, it may have been the cheap seats (home straight, watching the cars come blasting out of Anthony Noges, the last corner) but my brief and surprisingly affordable experience ofRead More →

Modern technology, and mobile tech especially, is making a multitude of lifestyle services easier to deal with; provided you are up to speed with the latest tap, swipe, scan and track technology, many things, including sending money overseas, can be done faster, easier, and cheaper using apps.Read More →

London, May 15th Medifinance, the Intelligent Financial Lender for Healthcare Professionals, and The Money Cloud, an award-winning provider of international money transfer price comparison, are delighted to have agreed a partnership to supply medical professionals with a real-time, sophisticated and reliable overseas money transfer solution.Read More →

Despite initially indicating that it did not want to damage the autonomy of its overseas territories, the UK government now looks set to pass a bill that will force the likes of the British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Gibraltar and the Cayman Islands to reveal and publish the names of theRead More →

In another sign that fintech firms are increasingly beginning to rival major banks for the provision of core mainstream personal finance services, money transfer startup TransferWise announced in April that it has been accepted to join Britain’s Faster Payments Scheme.Read More →

The big news in London fintech circles this week is a reported $250 million fundraising round which has gone to Revolut, the digital banking app that offers a range of money-related products, but is probably best known for its payments technology, and international money transfer service.Read More →

It may seem astonishing, especially in a world increasingly viewed through a prism of facts, figures and stats, that the UK does not officially measure remittance flows or international money transfers into or out of the country. But it is true: according to the University of Oxford’s Migration Observatory, whichRead More →

Sending money overseas ought to be a straightforward operation, particularly within a modern, tech-savvy society, but from time to time, things can go wrong. Luckily, The Money Cloud is here to help you learn what courses of action to take in the event of a mishap.Read More →

Recently, 2 Money Transfer giants; Western Union, and MoneyGram, began working with the cryptocurrency Ripple.  Ripple is a blockchain based solution that could have been purpose built for the money transfer industry. It is part real-time-gross-settlement (RTGS) operation; a genuine SWIFT payments rival; and part currency exchange mechanism, capable ofRead More →

When it comes to hunting the best overseas money transfer deals, it seems that millennial men, amongst all the demographics, are desperate to stay ahead of the game. Data from The Money Cloud reveals that a surprising 63% of all site visitors are male; accounting for nearly two thirds ofRead More →