The World bank studies the global remittance industry closely and its data is often revealing, especially because it is not always easy to track the real amounts of money sent overseas from one country to another – there are many different ways it can be done, and many different reasonsRead More →

With Brexit looming, it would make sense for Britain’s small business community to be revisiting contingency plans for trading abroad, but it seems that instead, firms are losing their appetite for overseas trade altogether, research from Money Transfer firm World First has revealed.Read More →

The Chinese government is determined to prevent its entrepreneurs from moving large sums of money out of the country, to try to encourage them to reinvest their profits back into the domestic economy. The strategy, however, is proving tough to enforce, and doesn’t always succeed in promoting Chinese interests abroad,Read More →

Many people consider the blockchain, and the crypto economy, to be the future of the financial industry. The ability to log transactions in a decentralised manner, i.e. without the requirement for a third party regulator, with transactions verified by a network of “miners”, has unleashed a new wave of financialRead More →

Last year, Sainsbury’s bank moved into the money transfer space, announcing a partnership with MoneyCorp that will allow their customers to transfer up to £100,000 overseas, either online or over the telephone. In the process of setting up the partnership, Sainsbury’s uncovered some interesting facts about why Brits might wantRead More →

To say the mobile payments and money transfer industry in India is crowded is the understatement of the year. Paytm, Facebook, Tencent, through the Hike app, and a thousand other disruptive services are jostling for position in a mobile friendly market, with Whatsapp set to join the battle after softRead More →

President Trump’s tax reforms have paved the way for some of America’s biggest companies to start moving the enormous piles of cash they have been storing overseas back into the country. Firms like Cisco, which announced last week that it plans to repatriate around $67 billion in foreign profits duringRead More →

Singapore and Silicon Valley are arguably the fintech industry’s two geographical titans. Both are renowned for the ability of their supremely well educated and entrepreneurial populations to become early adopters of new technologies and commercial trends, and successfully turn them into globally dominant enterprises. In Silicon Valley’s case it tendsRead More →

Remittance Prices Worldwide (RPW) is an organisation, affiliated to the World Bank, that monitors the costs incurred by those sending money abroad, across all of the world’s major remittance corridors. Since 2009, when the average global cost of sending money anywhere in the world was calculated at a high ofRead More →

Only the United States ($56.3 billion), Saudi Arabia ($36.9bn) and Russia ($32.6bn) sends more money abroad than Dubai’s total of $19 billion, according to the World Bank, so it is no surprise that money transfer firms are scrambling to grab a slice of the action there. MoneyCorp have stolen aRead More →

This content is sourced and brought to you by The Money Cloud – comparing the best rates for sending money overseas offered by hand-picked, regulated brokers and money transfer agencies. TransferWise is targeting “expats, second homeowners, freelancers and more” with a new bank account that allows users to make transactions in 28Read More →

This never-ending saga – one that has infuriated the POTUS, Donald Trump, who had received assurances this investigation would conclude before thanksgiving last year – rumbles on. According to the New York Daily News, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has turned his attention to a number of suspicious financial transactions thatRead More →

HD Bank, one of the largest independent banking organisations in Vietnam, is introducing an international money transfer service, and announced last week that it has appointed US firm MoneyGram, to handle the transactions. The company says its new “instant” money transfer service will allow its domestic customers to transfer moneyRead More →

This content is sourced and brought to you by The Money Cloud – comparing the best rates for sending money overseas offered by hand-picked, regulated brokers and money transfer agencies. Before we begin to discuss PSD2, let’s remind ourselves why banks exist in the first place. Banks look after our cash forRead More →

In a deal that ought to bring considerable benefits for both sides, MoneyGram, one of the world’s largest money transfer companies (that was until recently subject to a takeover bid from China’s Alipay), has entered into a strategic partnership with Ripple – a blockchain solution for global payments that worksRead More →