I’ve recently returned from the Costa Del Sol -Benalmádena, to be precise. I am a freelancer, an avid Airbnb’er and, providing I abide by all the various regulations, from time to time, when somebody decides to book my central London property, I can swap London living for some exotic far-flungRead More →

When it comes to relocating abroad, British citizens certainly seem to know what they like, and stick to it, if data released by the Office for National Statistics last week is to be believed.Read More →

Mitsubishi Corp and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group are the latest major financial institutions to announce they will be launching an international money transfer system built on the blockchain. Specifically, the firms will be using the distributed ledger technology developed by California based Ripple, which has also been trialled by theRead More →

Although Europeans make up only 10% of the global population, the region is home to 20% of the world’s migrant workers; around 50 million people; who between them send over $110 billion per annum back home to families and loved ones, according to research from the International Fund for AgriculturalRead More →

Last month Indian authorities decided to make it mandatory for banks participating in the Liberalised Remittance System, by the terms of which Indian residents can send up to $250,000 overseas every year, to produce daily reporting of all transactions made under the scheme.Read More →

Despite initially indicating that it did not want to damage the autonomy of its overseas territories, the UK government now looks set to pass a bill that will force the likes of the British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Gibraltar and the Cayman Islands to reveal and publish the names of theRead More →

In another sign that fintech firms are increasingly beginning to rival major banks for the provision of core mainstream personal finance services, money transfer startup TransferWise announced in April that it has been accepted to join Britain’s Faster Payments Scheme.Read More →

The big news in London fintech circles this week is a reported $250 million fundraising round which has gone to Revolut, the digital banking app that offers a range of money-related products, but is probably best known for its payments technology, and international money transfer service.Read More →

DBS, the Singapore based bank with a network of 280 branches across 18 key markets in Asia, today announced a partnership with bank messaging service SWIFT to use its Global Payments Innovation service (gpi) to offer 200,000 corporate and SME clients increased transaction visibility and speed for their overseas moneyRead More →

According to a recent report from auction house Christies, investigating the state of the luxury property market in 2017, the world’s most expensive property can be found in Hong Kong; purchased in 2016 for an eye-watering $270 million dollars.Read More →

The Spanish bank Santander has announced that it is launching an international money transfer service that will run using blockchain technology in an attempt to take on disruptive fintech startups such as TransferWise and Revolut, who have been eating into banks’ share of a market worth an estimated $600bn perRead More →

Last week we revealed that the remittance corridor between the United States and Mexico is the world’s biggest. World bank data reveals that the US is the largest global sender of remittances, and Mexico the fourth largest receiver; but now let’s consider how to make international money transfers to andRead More →

The US Mexico money transfer corridor is, by many measures, the largest in the world. It catered for 13 million migrants, according to data released back in 2014, and data from the same period shows that the US is the largest sender of remittances globally, with Mexico the fourth largestRead More →

It may seem astonishing, especially in a world increasingly viewed through a prism of facts, figures and stats, that the UK does not officially measure remittance flows or international money transfers into or out of the country. But it is true: according to the University of Oxford’s Migration Observatory, whichRead More →