London, May 15th Medifinance, the Intelligent Financial Lender for Healthcare Professionals, and The Money Cloud, an award-winning provider of international money transfer price comparison, are delighted to have agreed a partnership to supply medical professionals with a real-time, sophisticated and reliable overseas money transfer solution.Read More →

Brits of all ages, backgrounds and salary brackets flock to Spain every year; some with retirement in mind, others for work or lifestyle reasons. Many of whom, seduced by the Spanish way of life, decide to emigrate permanently to the country.Read More →

I’ve recently returned from the Costa Del Sol -Benalmádena, to be precise. I am a freelancer, an avid Airbnb’er and, providing I abide by all the various regulations, from time to time, when somebody decides to book my central London property, I can swap London living for some exotic far-flungRead More →

When it comes to relocating abroad, British citizens certainly seem to know what they like, and stick to it, if data released by the Office for National Statistics last week is to be believed.Read More →

Exclusive London properties are selling at their biggest discount to asking price in over a decade, and attracting more foreign buyers, particularly from the Middle East, than domestic ones, according to research from Hamptons Property Agents. The trend looks to be spreading beyond London, too; research from Knight Frank releasedRead More →

According to a recent report from auction house Christies, investigating the state of the luxury property market in 2017, the world’s most expensive property can be found in Hong Kong; purchased in 2016 for an eye-watering $270 million dollars.Read More →

Sending money overseas ought to be a straightforward operation, particularly within a modern, tech-savvy society, but from time to time, things can go wrong. Luckily, The Money Cloud is here to help you learn what courses of action to take in the event of a mishap.Read More →

From time to time, we all catch ourselves daydreaming about our ideal overseas retirement destination. Of course, many of us take things a step further and end up living that dream. There’s no doubt that the advantages a warmer climate, better healthcare, or a place where your money goes aRead More →

When it comes to hunting the best overseas money transfer deals, it seems that millennial men, amongst all the demographics, are desperate to stay ahead of the game. Data from The Money Cloud reveals that a surprising 63% of all site visitors are male; accounting for nearly two thirds ofRead More →

In late February, Edmund Ingham, The Money Cloud’s PR and Content Manager, spent a week in Paris exploring the city from the Digital Nomad’s perspective Ooh la la! Let’s start with a cliché, because the cliché I had hoped to explore, that Paris is at its most remarkable in springtime,Read More →

This content is sourced and brought to you by The Money Cloud – comparing the best rates for sending money overseas offered by hand-picked, regulated brokers and money transfer agencies. Monaco, Cannes, Marseille, Nice, St Tropez; France’s Cote D’Azur hosts some world-famous cities and towns as well as picturesque, sleepy on theRead More →

It wasn’t the easy ride he expected, but was it worth it, and should you try it? Edmund Ingham writes about his trip to the Cote D’Azur in snowy December, and his tips for entrepreneurs and expats. 1st in series. It’s 6.45am and, stepping off the National Express at StanstedRead More →

This content is sourced and brought to you by The Money Cloud – comparing the best rates for sending money overseas offered by hand-picked, regulated brokers and money transfer agencies. “Why would I need to send money abroad?” Famous last words. International money transfer is one of those things that we rarelyRead More →

MasterCard’s new product – a holistic digital platform that offers a range of “money management” capabilities, such as balance checking, budgeting, setting savings goals and near real-time payments to peers – has just launched in the US. The US may not be about to embrace a new set of digitalRead More →