The world’s best footballers tend to earn jaw dropping sums of money, and their tax affairs tend to be complex, to say the least. In the past couple of years, in Spain, several, including Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who play for Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively and together shareRead More →

In his introduction to the government’s controversial Brexit white paper; the country’s first attempt to try to explain on paper how leaving the EU by March 29th, 2019 might work; new Brexit secretary Dominic Raab talks about how “technological revolutions and scientific transformations are driving major changes in the globalRead More →

Yesterday, we described the circumstances relating to the release of the UK governments much anticipated White Paper, which outlines how the UK intends to go about leaving the EU on 29th March 2019, and briefly described some of the ways that Brexit is expected to disrupt international trade between theRead More →

Even by Brexit standards, it has been a tumultuous week for UK politics. A much-publicised meeting at Chequers took place over the weekend to discuss the White Paper that Theresa May has spent the past 2 years preparing, describing under what specific terms exactly the UK will complete its divorceRead More →

Now that it is all but official that the UK will leave the EU on the 20th March 2019, there will doubtless be a flurry of activity by firms, particularly within the financial sector, to try to establish what the various scenarios and implications of Brexit will mean for them.Read More →

Amidst all the recent discussion and hand-wringing around the new GDPR regulations, it’s easy to forget that it was only in January this year that the updated Payment Services Directives, a set of EC-wide regulations designed to make it easier, faster and less expensive to for customers to pay forRead More →

The Department for International Trade has published its annual set of figures outlining the number of foreign direct investment projects currently being operated in the UK. The total of 2,072 projects represents a 9% year on year drop, and whilst the total number of jobs created, 75,968, represents a 1%Read More →

In a recent article in Finextra, Lakshmi Narayanan at Travelex discusses the contrasting approaches taken by the Pakistan and India governments to the problems inherent in their countries remittance industries. India is the largest market for inbound remittance in the world, receiving more than $72bn of inbound money transfers fromRead More →

Prince William told The Times last week about how he recognises the importance of Britain’s SMEs trading overseas, and praised the Commonwealth, describing it as “the mother” of all business networks.Read More →

Britain may be on the verge of leaving the EU, but figures from the Office of National Statistics show that Brits made more trips abroad in 2016 than ever before; more than 70.8 million; whilst Britain itself attracted more tourism; 37.6m visits; from overseas, with total tourist spending also atRead More →

Donald Trump rose to power in the US in large part due to his promises to revitalise and grow the country’s economy, and business and trade and industry infrastructure. Whilst, where Trump is concerned, it is almost impossible to separate the reality from the “fake news”, many indicators have providedRead More →

Despite initially indicating that it did not want to damage the autonomy of its overseas territories, the UK government now looks set to pass a bill that will force the likes of the British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Gibraltar and the Cayman Islands to reveal and publish the names of theRead More →

Exclusive London properties are selling at their biggest discount to asking price in over a decade, and attracting more foreign buyers, particularly from the Middle East, than domestic ones, according to research from Hamptons Property Agents. The trend looks to be spreading beyond London, too; research from Knight Frank releasedRead More →

It may seem astonishing, especially in a world increasingly viewed through a prism of facts, figures and stats, that the UK does not officially measure remittance flows or international money transfers into or out of the country. But it is true: according to the University of Oxford’s Migration Observatory, whichRead More →

The World bank studies the global remittance industry closely and its data is often revealing, especially because it is not always easy to track the real amounts of money sent overseas from one country to another – there are many different ways it can be done, and many different reasonsRead More →

President Trump’s tax reforms have paved the way for some of America’s biggest companies to start moving the enormous piles of cash they have been storing overseas back into the country. Firms like Cisco, which announced last week that it plans to repatriate around $67 billion in foreign profits duringRead More →

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney announced today that the BoE’s Monetary Policy Committee have voted unanimously to hold interest rates at 0.5%, before warning; don’t be surprised if we raise them twice before the year is out. Carney and the BoE are battling rising inflation, which has fallen 0.1%,Read More →